Getting rid of yourself isn’t gonna help anybody… When times get tough for me, or when times have gotten tough for me, I try to think of what I can do for somebody else, as opposed to what’s not being done for me. Nobody gets through this world alone, and there’s help… and it doesn’t change. If you go from being a student in high school to being a TV star, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have any troubles. It doesn’t mean Jensen [Ackles] doesn’t have any troubles or problems. It doesn’t mean Richard [Speight Jr] or Osric [Chau] has never had a moment where you’re going, “God, I’m overwhelmed right now”. We are overwhelmed. But at some point in time, when you stop saying [me], and start saying what can I do for [others], just keep fighting the fight. Keep fighting.

Jared Padalecki, on suicide. (via jaredgrrl)